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twig boy cooks – TBFT, the saviour of a nation in despair.

twig boy cooks – TBFT, the saviour of a nation in despair.


Yes. The time has come to rise up and reap the rewards of the (delightful) misfortune that has hit the nations’ favourite chicken murderers sellers.

Yes. The time has come to learn how to make your own, incredibly vegan, favourite fast food from the comfort of your own home. No more queuing on sticky floors, no more tailbacks at the drive-thru. Just you and your friends having a great time with some great food, basking in the warm glow of not being a murderer meat eater!

Twig boy cooks is proud to present to you TBFT.

Team TBFT with our very own BBQ sauce, simple ‘slaw, pink painted non-binary drink and (coming soon) bean recipes to create your own bargain, vegetarian bucket.

Do yourself and our feathered friends a favour.

Ingredients. Makes – 10 pieces. Preparation time – 35 minutes. Cooking time – 5 minutes.
125g block of tofu, plain or smoked, depending on your tastes. Both work
1 bowl of cornflakes
150g plain flour
55ml fizzy water
splash of beer
1 tsp baking powder

2 pinches of sugar


ONE. Remove your tofu from its packet and press if needed*. Once pressed, chop into your favourite shapes and season liberally with salt and pepper. Cover and place in the fridge for 25 minutes.
*To press, place the tofu in kitchen roll and in between 2 chopping boards. Place a moderately heavy weight on top and leave for 30 minutes. Change the kitchen paper if needed.

TWO. Whilst your tofu is resting, take your bowl of cornflakes and bash them up. I went for the zip-lock bag approach. It was good fun. You don’t have to be too destructive. Any larger flakes will simply add to the texture of your final treat. When your flakes are smashed, put them into a medium-sized shallow dish.

THREE. Next, make your batter mixture, add the flour, water, baking powder, beer, salt and pepper to a large mixing bowl and whisk. You want a fairly thick mixture to better help the cornflakes stick. As always, adjust your wet and dry quantities as needed.

FOUR. **Right, this bit is important. Put your tofu plate, batter bowl, cornflake bowl and final resting plate next to each other now. You’ll save yourself an all mighty clean up job**
Remove the tofu from the fridge and dip each piece individually into your batter mixture ensuring it is fully covered, next, dredge through the cornflakes. Finally, put them on the resting plate. When you have completed this for all pieces, head over to the fryer.

FIVE. These really don’t take long to cook, roughly 5 minutes at 190°. Lower them carefully into your oil using a slotted spoon and remove them the same way. Allow them to drain on kitchen towel and place them into an oven set at 100° if you need to keep them warm whilst you are cooking anything else. Serve whilst hot, enjoy and never ever contemplate the sheer joy of never having to visit the ‘colonel’ again.

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