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twig boy cooks – sweet potato fries

twig boy cooks – sweet potato fries

Sweet potato, bless my soul. These really fill a ‘hanger’ hole.

Sweet, sweet potato fries. You can deep or shallow fry them. You could even do them in the oven if you like but they will probably be soggy. They always end up like that in the oven.

Ingredients. Serves 1 (me). Preparation time – 3 minutes. Cooking time – 4 + 5 minutes in oil or 50 minutes in an oven.
1 large sweet potato, washed, not peeled
2 tbsp cornflour
1 tsp paprika


ONE. Heat your chip pan, frying oil or oven to 190 degrees. Whilst this is heating up, cut your sweet potato into frie shapes (is that a real term? Frie?)

TWO. Mix all of your ingredients that are not potato based together and transfer them to a ziplock bag. Add the sweet potato fries and vigorously shake. Then coat your fries.

THREE. Cook the sweet potato fries for 4 minutes, remove from the oil and drain them on some kitchen towel for a minute. Then, reintroduce them to the oil for another 5 minutes. Drain again and eat. Quickly. Before you have to share.

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