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twig boy cooks – something healthy! a simple slaw.

twig boy cooks – something healthy! a simple slaw.

”It’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s not calorific, twig boys slaw, twig boys slaw.”

In my mind, that tune works perfectly but I am a huge Morrissey (king of the vegetarians) fan, so some people might say I am not the most tuned in when it comes to tunes*.
*They’re wrong obviously, Morrissey is great.

Ingredients. Serves – 2. Preparation time – 5 minutes. Cooking time – N/A
1 medium carrot
1 small white or red or both cabbage
1 pot of natural yoghurt
1 piece of ginger, optional, it does give a nice fiery kick to the whole dish mind


ONE. Use a speed peeler to peel your carrot, discard those dirty skin peelings and go all ‘Sweeney Todd’ on the remaining bit of carrot. Use your peeler to make long, short, fat, thin, whatever shreds of carrot. If you know the Sweeney Todd musical, feel free to sing out loud here, I recommend ‘Epiphany’. Once you’ve worked that out of your system, put the carrot into a medium-sized mixing bowl.

TWO. Use a sharp knife to finely shred your cabbage, again, sing if you like, no-one minds. Add the cabbage to the carrot. If you are using ginger, now is the time to get that involved. You can speed peel it, finely slice it or dice it. Whichever you prefer, when you’ve finished, add it to the bowl.

THREE. Scoop out your yoghurt into your mixing bowl, season liberally and mix it all together. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge. You can eat it straight away if you like but it’s better if left to sit for an hour or so. Serve as a snack or as a side dish. It goes incredibly well with mushroom bombs and shrapnel’.


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