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twig boy cooks – slow cooked sunday fake and ale pie

twig boy cooks – slow cooked sunday fake and ale pie

A big old satisfying pie that’s incredibly vegan and easy to make. Glorious. What more do you need to know?

Ingredients. Serves – up to 4. Prep time – 10 minutes. Cooking time – up to 6 hours.
N.B. Best cooked in a slow cooker but you can make do with a saucepan for sure.
For the pie
70g dried soya pieces
14 mushrooms – washed
2 carrots – unpeeled, washed.
2 red onions
2-3 garlic cloves
330ml dark beer
a handful or two of vegan gravy granules
1 sheet ready-made vegan puff pastry or, make your own
salt and pepper
Serve with
Vegetables of your choice, I used potato and broccoli.


ONE. Assemble all of your ingredients and your slow cooker onto one huge chopping board*. You don’t really need to do this but it just looks quite cool.
*smaller boards work just as well, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it.

Other beer brands are available.

TWO. Rehydrate your soya pieces by placing them in water for 10 minutes or so, they should look about half if not double the size again when they are done.

THREE. Whilst your soya chunks are soaking you can chop all of your other ingredients. I like a chunky rustic pie so I rusticly chop them chunkily. This may not suit you, you might have a small mouth or a fear of chunky pies. That’s OK, twig boy cooks cater for all tastes, just chop your vegetables smaller. Never let anyone tell you your veg is too small.

FOUR. Drain your soya chunks and put them, the vegetables and the garlic* into your slow cooker. Cover with the beer and any extra water if you need too. Season aggressively with salt and possibly white pepper. Set your slow cooker to high and cook for 2 hours. Watch an episode of Columbo, it’s Sunday.
*I hate peeling garlic so I use the ‘smashed’ technique. Cut the flat end off of the clove, put it on a board and push down as hard as you can with the palm of your hand or a knife etc, the skin is much easier to pull off now and you can chop, slice or just use the garlic as it is.

FIVE. Once Columbo has cracked the case go back to your fake and ale pie filling. It should be smelling and looking pretty good now but it’s about to get better. Throw in your handful or two of gravy granules (more if you like a thicker sauce, less if you like thinner) and stir vigorously. Be thorough here, you don’t want a lumpy filling. Cook again for another 3 hours, it’s worth it.

SIX. When your 3 hours is up and your slow cooker has slowly cooked your filling to perfection let it cool for 10 minutes. Using your dish, cut out the correct amount of pastry to cover your pie/s. Next, ladle your pie filling into your vessel of choice. I used an individual vessel because I am lonely….. Not really, I used an individual pie dish because I liked how it looked. I made 2, the other one was for someone else, honest. I am not a solo pie muncher.

SEVEN. Cover your pie with your pastry, brush with a little soy milk and pop into the oven for 20-25 minutes or until risen and golden brown. Whilst your pie is cooking quickly get on with your side dishes of choice. Obviously, I managed to cook my broccoli and potatoes within 20 minutes. If your plans are a little grander than mine consider this step FIVE.1.

EIGHT. When your pie is golden and looking amazing, eat it. All pie eaters will automatically receive a warm, happy glow inside, courtesy of twig boy cooks.

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