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twig boy cooks – salted caramel sauce vegan chocolate pot. with cranberries.

twig boy cooks – salted caramel sauce vegan chocolate pot. with cranberries.

Decadent, delicious, delightful.

Super, special, saucy.

Good, great, grand.

These are just some of the words that haven’t been used by anyone else to describe these chocolate pots, but they soon will be. Make sure you get in at ground level so you can tell your friends you were into it before it got famous!

For real. They are too quick, easy and fan-flipping-tastic not to make yourself.

Ingredients – Makes 2 (big ones). Realistically you could probably get 4 normal sized ones out of this.
100g dark vegan chocolate, I used 85% cacao. I am an intense man
200ml coconut milk
30g vegan margarine
6 tsp of salted caramel sauce
2 big handfuls of cranberries or other toppings of your choice


ONE. Remove your salted caramel sauce vegan chocolate pot vessels from where they live. Add to them 2-3 spoons of your salted caramel sauce. Feel free to lick the spoon when you are done. Put them in the fridge to wait.

TWO. Over a very low heat, melt the margarine and chocolate. 100% do not rush this and burn the mixture. That would be tear-inducing. When your mixture is fully melted, remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the coconut milk. You should soon find yourself faced with a smooth, glossy pan of chocolate purity.

THREE. Fight your inner Augustus Gloop. Do not sploosh your face down into the pan. It will be hot and sticky. You will (probably) regret that choice if you make it. Instead, carefully spoon out your chocolate sauce into your designated vessels. Try not to disturb the caramel on the bottom.

FOUR. Top your salted caramel vegan chocolate pot with your favoured toppings and leave them to chill and stiffen in the fridge for a few hours. Devour.

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