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twig boy cooks – all in one breakfast bake. fully customizable.

twig boy cooks – all in one breakfast bake. fully customizable.

To some it’s the most important meal of the day, to others it’s a hindrance that gets in the way. To me, it’s food.

Yes, it’s breakfast.

Why let the carnivores have all the fun when it comes to your first food of the day/morning/hour. Try this fantastic all day breakfast bake guaranteed* to banish even the most stubborn of hangovers.
*100% not guaranteed. Results may vary. Twig boy cooks accept no responsibility for how drunk you get yourself expecting this to work as an instant cure.

Ingredients. Serves 2. Prep time – 10 minutes (at most). Cooking time – Max 25 minutes.
N.B. See note at the bottom of the recipe.
2 tomatoes
6 normal mushrooms or 2 of those big ones
1 can of baked beans
200g of spinach
2 eggs


ONE. Turn your oven on. That’s pretty essential. Aim for about 200° (390f), you need your oven nice and hot.

TWO. Whilst your oven is approaching temperatures similar to one of Dante’s 9 circles you can start your first bit of prep work. Take your tomatoes, halve them and put them into a medium-sized ovenproof dish. Next, give your mushrooms a good clean, (I personally don’t peel them, I mean, really, who does*?) And artistically place them around/alongside/perpendicular to the tomatoes. It helps at this point if you have a £30,000 art degree to fall back on. I don’t but I had some help from someone who does.
*I’m going to name and shame. My mother peels mushrooms.

THREE. Once you’ve ‘Van Gogh’d’ your dish to your liking drizzle a little olive oil over the top and season liberally. Set the timer on your inferno for 10 minutes and put the dish in it on the middle shelf. Have a cup of tea. I recommend a visit from the Earl personally.

FOUR. As you’ve just boiled the kettle you might as well use the leftover hot water to wilt your spinach. You can do it in a colander or you can do it in a saucepan. It doesn’t really make a lot of difference, just adds to your washing up pile. Anyway, wilt the spinach, let it cool and then wring out as much excess water as you can. You don’t want a soggy breakfast bake.

FIVE. Ding ding. It’s the sound of your oven. Remove the now partially cooked and looking beautiful tomatoes and mushrooms from the oven and get ready to create your breakfast magnum opus. Using the spinach create a few separate compartments and walls in your dish*. Add your beans to one of the compartments and put the whole thing back in the oven for another 5 minutes.
*Pretend that you’re a washed out tomato president that really doesn’t like the colour of the mushrooms. Make sure the mushrooms know this and that you expect them to pay for your spinach walls. It might make it easier for you.

SIX. Once your beans are almost cooked, remove the dish again and crack your eggs into the remaining empty spaces. Again, return the whole dish back to the oven and cook for another 5 minutes or until your eggs are cooked to your liking.

SEVEN. Serve with some crusty bread toast, lashings of any of your favourite condiments and another steaming mug of Earl Grey.


NOTE. This recipe is a fantastic one as you can pretty much add anything (vegetarian or vegan, we don’t condone the eating of meat here. Saying that, we don’t really condemn it either. Eat what you want really, it’s not my place to preach) you want to it. Obviously, your cooking times will vary if you do but you could try it with vegetarian sausage slices, hash browns, grits, vegetarian bacon or ‘fakon’ and much, much more. Let me know how you get on and whether I should be upping my ingredient game here.

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