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twig boy cooks – 100% vegan, 99.8% nut, nut butter

twig boy cooks – 100% vegan, 99.8% nut, nut butter

It’s not as gross as it sounds… Promise.

Ingredients. Makes – 1 large jar. Serves – 1 Mowgli.
2 1/2 cups peanuts, shelled – it takes forever
A good drizzle of peanut oil
2 tsp brown sugar


ONE. If like me, you like a challenge, you’ll have monkey nuts that need shelling. You need to do that first. I won’t lie, it takes an age.












TWO. You can either roast your peanuts or not, one time I did, one time I didn’t. It tasted the same. Glorious. If you do want to roast your nuts, put them into an oven at about 180° (355f) for 8 minutes or until they look a bit golden brown. Be careful not to burn them. If you don’t want to roast your nuts, skip this step.

THREE. Roasted or not put your nuts into a blender or food processor and mega blend/process them for about a minute, they should look a bit like sand or couscous. That’s normal, don’t be alarmed. Add your nut oil and sugar and then blend/process some more.

FOUR. Stop blending, get a spoon and scrape down the sides of your  blender/processor, put the lid back on and, yeah, you guessed it, blend/process again. Repeat this step until you have your desired level of smoothness.

FIVE. Put it in a posh pot and eat some.

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