Liberté, égalité, fraternité, Veganité.

Hello and Welcome to Twig Boy Cooks.

Hello and Welcome to Twig Boy Cooks.

Hello and welcome to your fantastic new guide to all things vegetarian and sometimes vegan.

As a (4-week) lifelong vegetarian myself I know how difficult it can be to find tasty vegetarian food that pretty much anyone can make*. With that in mind, I decided to create my own wonderful website to help fellow lovers of the animals conjure up their own amazing kitchen creations.
*Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty cosmic at cooking.

All recipes found here at will (hopefully) be tasty, range from easy to prepare to moderately medium to prepare and should suit people like me (I’m on quite the strict budget!). Occasionally we might lash out on something a little more expensive but only on special occasions like birthdays, holidays and Tuesday nights…

We have sections for all the important meals of the day and also include snacks and drinks so you really don’t have an excuse not to give it a whirl!

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